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Local Government Service Commission



The Local Government Service Commission has operated since inception of the State from a hired building. However, the Commission is pleased to disclose that the State Government has promised to relocate her office to a property owned by the government if there is no space in the newly built secretariat.


The Local Government Service Commission also has no Official Staff Quarters either for Commissioners or staff. It is instructive to state that all staff of the Local Government Service Commission are deployed from various Councils and are on deployment to Asaba, the State Capital and the challenges of securing accommodation has had its toll on the staff of the Commission.

Arising from the above, we solicit that senior officials of the Commission be considered in the allocation of staff quarters.


An attempt has been made to highlight the activities of the Commission as well as some of the challenges we had to contend with in the past year. Nevertheless, it is necessary to state that the achievements contained in this report would not have been possible without the support of His Excellency and the conducive socio-political climate he has created in the State.

We therefore faithfully commend His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa for the support he has always extended to the Commission since its inception.

The Commission is also grateful to all the Local Governments in the State for the very cordial relationship that had existed between the Commission and the Councils which has

translated into greater efficiency in the entire Local Government system. It is hoped that this level of cooperation would be sustained.


1. Improving personal effectiveness in the Local Government Service HMPs, TLGs & Staff in the Local Government Service Commission 125
2. Forensic Accounting Trends, Technique and Skill Internal Auditor, O/C Salary and Cashier 75
3. Strategic Leadership ,Planning, Implementation and Personnel Management 2ic to HPMs and 3 HODs 100
4. Upgrading the capacity of clerks and Legislative Officers for more effective and efficient performance. Clerks/ Legislative Officers 75
5.       `QQQ Investor/Store Management Store Officers/Assistants 75
6. A key to effectiveness in Community Development Community Development Officers/Superintendent 75
7. Project Management and Accountability Engineers/Technical Officers 75
8. Strict Compliance with Assets Declaration and Code of Conduct for Public Officers HPMs, TLGs and HODs 75
9. Act and Practicing of system integrity and value Governance as a panacea for curbing Corruption HPMs, TLGs, HOD Legal, Internal Auditors and Cashiers 125
10. Improvement Workshop for Senior Health Personnel Officers in PHC and Environmental Health Department 75
11. Effective Record and Information Management Officers from the Local Government Service Commission and Bureau of Local Government Pension 75
12. Planning, Administration and Supervision in the Unified Local Government Service Education Officers/ Assistant 75
13. Improvement Workshop for Community Health Extension Workers CHEW 75
14. Policy development and Implementation at the Local Government level Chairman, Members, Secretary, Directors Local Government Service, HPMs, TLGs, HOD Works and Environment 125
15. Improvement Workshop for Establishment /Pension Desk Officers. Establishment/ Pension Desk Officers 75
16. Food Production, Food Security and Nutrition in the Unified Local Government Service. Agricultural Officers / Superintendent 75

Finally, we also wish to commend the staff of the Commission for their loyalty and dedication to duties without which the achievements highlighted in this report would not have been possible.