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Local Government Service Commission



The Establishment, Composition, Powers and functions of the Delta State Local Government Service Commission, are spelt out in sections 80-90 of the Delta State Local Government Law 2004 which came into force on 20th day of October, 2004. The Local Government Law bestows on the Commission the following powers:

  • Appointments, postings, promotions and discipline of Local Government employees on grade levels 07 and above. The law clearly directs that in doing so, the principle of geographical spread and social-economic diversity of the State shall be taken into full account. Also to be taken into consideration in this regard are viz; the experience, performance on the job, length of service, good conduct, relevant qualifications, training, performance at interviews and passing relevant examinations where necessary.
  • Setting up general uniform guidelines for appointment, posting, promotion and discipline of staff.
  • Monitoring the activities of each Local Government on appointment, discipline and promotion of Local Government Employees on grade levels 01-06 in order to ensure that the guidelines are strictly and uniformly adhered to.
  • Serving as an appellate body for all petitions arising from the Local Government Councils in respect of appointments, promotions and discipline. The decision of the Local Government Service Commission shall be binding on all Local Governments on appeal matters lodged with it provided that aggrieved officers on grade levels 07 and above shall have the right to appeal to the Governor.
  • Maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date seniority lists and nominal rolls for the Local Government Service as a whole.
  • Submission of an annual report of its activities to:

(a)      The Governor’s office and

(b)      The State House of Assembly

  • Maintaining a monthly Local Government Gazette or News letter to convey in particular:

(a)      The bye-Laws passed by Local Government Councils in the


  • Staff movement including new Appointments, Confirmations, Promotions and Retirement/Dismissal.
  • Assuming responsibility for manpower planning, development and training in senior cadre (Grade level 07 and above) of the Local Government Service.
  • Keeping 1% Local Government Training Fund for members of the Unified Local Government Service.
  • Restructuring and strengthening the Development of Manpower, and thereafter periodic review and propose modification in the operational methods, organizational structure of the Local Government Service.
  • The Local Government Staff Pension Board now Bureau for Local Government Pensions is a separate establishment. However, the Bureau is staffed by Local Government employees who are on deployment from the various Councils in the State.